Our Mission

 The ShahGustafsson Foundation seeks to enable sustainable and responsible stewardship of our planet and foster thriving communities, by providing resources to economically challenged and vulnerable communities around the world.

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Our Focus

The ShahGustafsson Foundation is a nonprofit public charity that engages in charitable endeavors in the United States and abroad to strengthen disaster relief, provide scholarships to support education in developing countries, enable active citizen engagement in communities through volunteerism, and support environmental conservation, in support of the ShahGustafsson Foundation mission.




Board of Directors


Mostafiz ShahMohammed

Co-Founder & Chairman
Mostafiz is the Founder and CEO of all Amur companies. He co-founded the ShahGustafsson Foundation in order to actively engage and support the communities around the world where Amur companies do business, in environmental stewardship and preservation.  His passion is to protect Earth’s last wild places and foster a nurturing relationship between humanity and nature while empowering local communities to address climate change and achieve economic sustainability. 

Randi Gustafsson

Randi is a Senior Advisor to Amur Finance Company and has been involved with all Amur companies since inception in various capacities.  She brings her lifelong commitment to conservation and combatting climate change to all aspects of her life – from living in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner to supporting various conservation organizations and fighting animal abuse. She also is actively engaged in encouraging and implementing sustainable investments and practices at all Amur companies.  Her desire for even deeper and more direct involvement in promoting such activities prompted her to co-found the ShahGustafsson Foundation.  She has committed to cover the Foundation’s administrative costs so that 100% of all donations directly support various projects. 

Larry H. Weinberg

Larry is Managing Director and COO of all Amur companies and is a member of the Board of Directors of Amur Finance Company.  Larry is committed to promoting positive treatment of animals, and has long had an interest in supporting animal welfare organizations.

Malia K. Du Mont

Board Member
Malia is Chief of Staff at Bard College and Senior Advisor at Amur Finance Company. She has a background in emergency preparedness and disaster planning, and has volunteered with Wilderness Volunteers, the Hummingbird Monitoring Network, and Volunteers in Parks, a program of the U.S. National Park Service. Malia wants to help preserve natural landscapes around the world for the enjoyment of future generations.

Andrew F. Fowler 

Board Member
Andrew is a partner in the corporate department of the law firm Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP. Mr. Fowler is a member of the Bard College Alumni/ae Association Board of Governors, and acted as long-term pro bono counsel to a consortium including the Red Cross, UJA Federation and Catholic Charities, among others, as they coordinated efforts to help those affected by the September 11 attacks.


Kalyan Makam

Board Member
Kalyan is Executive Vice President of Amur Finance Company. Having been influenced by multiple experiences growing up in a developing country, Kalyan’s passion is in humanitarian empowerment causes such as early childhood education and vocational training for the underprivileged; he has supported various such programs over the last decade and he plans to take an active role in guiding related efforts at the ShahGustafsson Foundation.

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